Radio Station Access

Any station can now download Money Matters newscasts or shows directly from KVMR  or at a variety of places. You can email us below to be included on our email list so you will be notified when we post shows. Shows and news can also be grabbed at the KVMR FM:

Shows and news are also on PRX and Audioport under Money Matters and Marc Cuniberti.

Feel free to contact us at for radio media, shows and newscasts. Contact Marc Cuniberti for financial matters at

Money Matters newscasts are usually under 4 minutes and have a disclaimer and generic tag at the end with an ID tag at the beginning.

Newscasts are numbered as such: Moneymatters001-(title), Moneymatters002-(title), etc. The title basically describes the topic of the newscast. Shows are listed as: #235- (Title) with a brief description of what is covered in the show. Shows usually run exactly 53, 54 or 55 minutes.

Creative PR (530) 559-1214, handles Money Matters and may contact us. At this time there is no charge for Money Matters newscasts or full shows.

If you have any comments or questions, suggestions or accolades, email them to either of the two emails addresses above. A now cost newsletters is also available to everyone. Email us or go to the website and see the upper right hand corner which says " Free newsletter".

Thank you for your interest in Money Matters and