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I wasn’t a big fan of annuities for the longest time. I saw too many of them with high fees, complicated terms and so many hooks I had to get out my tackle box to house them all. That said, when I started offering annuities to clients with specific needs and desires not too long ago, I reviewed literally hundreds of them and in the pile I have found a few I thought advantageous.

First off, the description of annuity I like to use is a contract between an insurance company and a person that stipulates in return for a sum of money paid by the client, the company will promise payments over a period of time or even a lump sum at the conclusion of the contract. Annuities have all sorts of versions and terms but just know the contract is a promise to pay. How, when and how much depends on the contract.

The promise is a good as the company making it so realize they are not guaranteed by the U.S. government in any way, shape or form. You can pay the company a sum of money in a lump or over time. The annuity can be tied to a moving target such as a stock index or be just a fixed rate of return. There are other variations and they literally come in all shapes and sizes.

Without getting too technical, annuities can have a tie up period where the client has to commit to leaving at least some of the money with the company for a specified length of time. Some allow a portion of money to be taken out at certain times at the clients option and most have a hardship clause that allow for special circumstances such as a death of the primary person(s) specified in the contract.

I find that investors who want a stream of income later in life that won’t go away or cannot stomach the ups and downs of markets are primary candidates for annuities but know that annuities are not for everyone nor should they be offered up carte blanche to all investors.

Certain investors will ask me for an annuity and others have to be explained as to how they work. As an advisory, I am approached by annuity companies trying to get me to offer their particular version but honestly, I find all but a handful of annuities way too complicated for most investors. Sure I could place a complicated annuity with a client but I wouldn’t do that knowing the client doesn’t fully understand how they operate. Truthfully some are so complicated I have to study them for an hour or two in order to fully understand them myself and I’m in the business!

The annuities I lean towards are the ones that are straight forward and simple. The terms are clear and usually there are not a whole lot of them compared to others. My thinking is if I can explain it to a client and they understand how it works, it will be better for all concerned, which is the investor, the advisor and the insurance company writing the contract.

The regulations and oversight on annuities is severe and very strict and protection to the consumer is a lot better than it was decades ago where annuities where sometimes regarded one of the black boxes of financial products.

Not so today. Many are simple, easy to understand and perform as promised. The importance of understanding them by both the client and advisor is tantamount to a successful placement and an honest and straight forward conversation by both parties is the cornerstone of that success.


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Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses before investing. For this and other important information please obtain the investment company fund prospectus and disclosure documents from your Rep/Advisor. Read this information carefully before investing. Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

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There are many financial products in the market, and so choosing the ones that best meet an individual client’s needs can be complicated.  Informed decisions about the products in any portfolio are best made after an assessment of individual needs. After speaking with Marc, you are better informed when the time comes to choose from a comprehensive lineup of products and services and with Marc's help select those that address your unique situation.


Products and services include:

Complete portfolio management

Stocks & Bonds

Complete portfolio management

Mutual funds

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Alternative Investments

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
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Certificates of Deposit (CD)

Individual and Group Retirement plans

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Insurance is essential to any comprehensive financial security plan. If tragic events like death, disability or critical illness strike, insurance can protect you and your family from undue hardship. Some life insurance policies also provide tax-advantaged savings that you can draw on to achieve goals like buying a house or retiring comfortably.

I have access to a variety of insurance products that can help meet your financial security planning needs. No matter your personal situation—if you’re single or in a family; a professional or a seasonal employee; an executive or small business owner—we will work together to design a customized plan.

  • Life
  • Long-term care

Life insurance

In the event of death, life insurance offers surviving family members increased financial security. As a tax-free lump sum payment, it can pay for final expenses and debts, as well as provide income for the deceased’s dependents.

The advantages of life insurance include:

  • An instant estate for your loved ones at a time when funds are most needed
  • Death benefits that are almost always non-taxable for named beneficiaries
  • Avoid probate costs if you name a beneficiary other than your estate
  • Potentially offer your loved ones creditor protection through some life insurance plans
  • Build tax-advantaged capital for retirement purposes or provide liquid savings through some permanent life insurance plans

I can help you select coverage from a variety of life insurance options to meet the needs identified in your financial security plan.

Life insurance can play a vital role in your financial security plan - contact us today to find out how.


Long-term Care, Disability and Critical Illness insurance, Lifetime income strategies

Help protect one of your most valuable assets – your income – from unexpected events through long-term care, disability and critical illness insurance.

Income is important for both current financial obligations (e.g. grocery bills and mortgage payments) and for future financial security (e.g. planning for your children’s education or for retirement). Just think what might happen if you suddenly lost your income stream through a long-term illness or disability.

Long-term care and disability insurance products help protect your ability to earn an income, which can be affected if you are afflicted by a disability or other condition.

I can help you choose the long-term care and disability insurance products that provide advantages like:

  • Helping maintain your financial independence, lifestyle and long-term financial security plan in the event your income is impacted by disability
  • Assist with paying fixed expenses for your business if you become disabled
  • Support the buy-out of a disabled partner’s share of a business

I can help you tailor your financial security plan so it protects your income through long-term care and disability insurance. Contact me today to find out how.


Critical illness insurance

Suffering a critical illness is distressing for both you and your family. Help ease the burden through insurance that will reduce financial stresses and can complement disability and life insurance protection needs. By helping pay for the additional expenses often associated with a critical illness or condition, insurance offers you, your family, and if applicable, your business, added financial security—so you can focus on recovery.

The advantages of critical illness insurance can include:

  • Coverage for up to 22 critical illnesses or conditions
  • An initial lump-sum benefit you can use however you wish—from making mortgage payments to seeking medical treatment outside Canada
  • Home-care costs during illness and recovery periods
  • Even if you’re not disabled from working, you may receive payment
  • The ability to provide a return of premium benefit (optional)
  • Individuals who cannot obtain disability insurance in some cases still qualify for critical illness coverage (e.g. a non-income earning spouse)

Contact me today to determine whether critical illness insurance fits into your financial security plan.


There are also new “hybrid” plans available that combine the benefits of life insurance or annuities with long term care coverage and at a cost that may be more affordable than you think. Contact me today so we can assess your needs and develop the best strategies for your specific situation to give you the peace of mind you require and protect your family and loved ones.


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