Super Dividend Payers

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This is a list of ultra high dividend paying stocks and funds that has been personally selected by Marc. You can consider his strategy of risking just a small portion of your assets to receive returns that may dwarf the rest of your funds that are parked safely in bank cds and similar safe harbors. By putting just a small amount of your money in a wide variety of high dividend paying stocks, you may be able to “juice” the returns on the rest of your portfolio. In this way you will earn higher returns on your entire portfolio, yet possibly risk only a small amount. For instance, a bank CD might earn you 2 % annually. This 2 % interest rate will double your money in 36 years. But if you park the same amount in a Super High Dividend Paying stock on this list paying 18 %, you will double your money in 4 years, quadruple it in 8 years, and after 12 years have 8 times your money. In 20 years you will have 32 TIMES what you put in. Now that's compounding! Read prospectus on any asset you plan to buy of course. This list also contains what Marc calls the "Monsters of the Dow", large stocks whose names you will recognize. These large monster companies may offer more safety during volatile markets yet still may pay you dividends.

Additionally, you may receive this compounding amount no matter which way the stock market goes, as long as the stock keeps paying its dividend, even if the stock price gets CUT IN HALF! Dividends can be changed, increased, decreased or cut entirely but dividend stocks can help through down markets and really help build your nest egg in up markets!

Consider this strategy and when you do, also know in a down market while everyone else is waiting for their stocks to go up, you could multiply your money many times over!

That's the beauty of Super High Dividend Paying stocks and this list is packed with companies AND mutual funds that pay Super High Dividends. Most of the stocks on this list pay monthly, so you get almost immediate returns that you can see on your statements. Marc recommends holding 20 or 30 of these as a basket, never buying just one or two stocks. This way, you are spread out in a variety of industries and in a variety of companies. By owning so many, you mitigate some risk of a bad company CEO or other company problem. If you only hold one or two stocks, if one gets into trouble or goes bankrupt, you can lose a large percentage of your investment, but by holding 20 or 30 stocks, if one does get into trouble, you only have a small percentage in any one stock so you limit your exposure. Additionally, the higher the dividend, the shorter amount of time the company has to pay you to recoup your investment. A company paying you 18 % only has to stay in business 4 years and you made all your money back. On the other hand, a company paying only a 3 % dividend has to stay in business 24 years! So Super High Paying stocks reduce the amount of time you are exposed to losses. A great concept and one pioneered by Marc.

The Super High Dividend Payers List contains specific instructions on just how many stocks you might consider to  buy and how much to invest. It lists yields and stock prices as well their symbols to make your purchases easy and quick to execute. (Yields and stock prices can change and are not guaranteed). You must decide of course whether this plan will work for your situation buy thousands have use Marc to enhance thier knowledge of money and finally understand what it they have their money in and why.

He also updates the list every so often so you can be abreast of any changes and there is a “jettison” safety feature to protect you against any stocks that stop paying you.

This really is your way of multiplying your money and insuring your financial future.

Marc holds most of these stocks in his personal portfolio and has been steadily collecting dividend payments month over month, year over year. You can do the same.

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