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Know why you hold an investment- clarity is everything~

Investors tell me they hold a variety of assets likes stocks, bonds and mutual funds to be diversified yet few can give me a specific reason for why they hold each investment. Somehow they believe holding a wide variety of assets is diversified, and while this is a true statement, the actual reason why this is true can be elusive.

Having clarity and focus in ones investing is tantamount to reaching financial goals. This means you have to be clear on why you own everything you own and how we reach that awareness is actually quite simple.

For instance, I own my shotgun not as an investment but for protection. I am investing in my safety and the safety of my family in case some bad guys arrive at my house late at night. I own my garden to give me food and own my car for mobility. I own my house for my family and I to inhabit yet many investors think of a house as place to accumulate retirement savings or invest for growth. While this might be true to some extent, during 2008/09 we discovered that perhaps that wasn’t such a good idea. Part of the reason for the housing bust was confusion on the part of investors on why we own our homes. Decades ago most people thought of home ownership as just that, a place to live. In the last decade however, the reason for owning a home morphed into an “investment” instead of a “necessity” and that’s where the trouble may have started.

The reason for holding money in a bank has also changed over the decades. When I was growing up, the banks paid me six percent interest on my savings.  My Dad told me to save my money in the bank for the interest payments much like he did.

Since banks now pay little interest, the reason for putting money in a savings account has changed.  Now we put our money in a bank for safety, not for interest. When investors complain to me they cannot make money in a savings account, I tell them that is not why we are there, at least it isn’t at this particular point in time. We have savings accounts and similar bank products for safety, not to make money. If we want to make money, we obviously must look elsewhere.

Many people hold stocks for growth. I do not. I hold stocks for their potential income as I usually don’t buy any stocks that don’t pay me money (dividends) to hold them. With the income they pay me, I may get the growth regardless of whether the market goes up or down. If the market does go up, I might do even better. If the market goes down, any payments I might receive takes some of the sting out. Keep in mind, dividends are not guaranteed and. having stocks that pay dividends does not ensure profit or protect against loss

Some investors might hold gold and silver coins in a bank safe deposit box for peace of mind against a possible currency collapse while others might hold gold stocks for speculation on the gold price.
Commodity funds may help guard against rising grocery bills while holding some Cd’s, Treasury bills or cash would tend to help preserve funds in a broad market sell off.  

I could pay off my home mortgage, I don’t.  I consider my mortgage as a way to help protect against inflation. (Inflation could allow me to pay off my mortgage with cheaper dollars) Others consider debt the devil’s own and avoid it all costs.

By detailing the reason you hold each asset, it may help clarify your portfolio goals and even cause you to perhaps alter its contents. Once you detail and carefully consider why you hold what you do, or at least ask the question, your investing plan might become that much clearer. The thought process of truly knowing why you place money where you do will go a long way in helping you reach your goals and allow you to better allocate your money where it may offer the maximum possible return, the possibility for growth and protection while providing clarity to your reasoning.


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Investing in Community- Foster Families

Investing doesn’t always necessarily mean money. We can invest in many things. We can invest in our homes by keeping up with the maintenance, our bodies by eating healthy and exercising, our minds by education and in a host of other things that might need our attention and hence our “investment”.

Investing in the community around us is a very important investment that all of us in that community would likely benefit from and the very word community means people. Since our future members of our community will obviously inhabit and administer it, it makes sense to do everything we can to improve and insure the education, value, health and moral of these future stewards of our society.

We’ve all heard of foster parents and no doubt some of you reading this have either been a foster parent or been hosted by a foster family in your youth. It’s a vital service as not all home environments are conducive to providing a healthy and safe environment all the time. Whether it be because of general neglect, trouble with the law, domestic violence or other reasons, sometimes a child needs to leave the biological parents for a time to allow that home environment to get back to normal. Of course, sometimes the biological parents might never get it together or it may even take years, but in most cases the care provided by a foster family is only temporary.

The goal stated by our local foster agency Environmental Alternatives is for the family to provide a safe and nurturing environment. The families go through a screening process to protect the potential foster children and the once the child is placed, a weekly visit to the home is customary. Medical and dental is covered by Medi-Cal and a reimbursement stipend is provided to the foster family.

Children ages up to 18 years of age are looking for foster homes and there is even a need for providing homes to young adults from 18 to 21 years of age.

Environmental Alternatives office manager, Kitty Cannon says they are always looking for foster families as the need is ongoing. Many families host more than one child and since it is preferred siblings stay together, there is an obvious need for households who can accommodate multiple children.

Investing in our community can take many forms, and hosting a foster child or two is one way we can help. Not only do we help our future generation of adults start off from a healthier launching pad, the rewards that we receive may be more than we expect. I am told special relationships which may last a lifetime often develop and the feeling one can get from helping another human being can be a once in lifetime experience. I speak from experience. 19 years ago I became a mentor to a troubled teen through the Big Brothers program and we are still good friends to this day. Next month my “teen” will be 35 year old!

If you are interested in learning more about foster parenting here in Nevada or Placer County, you can contact Environmental Alternatives at (530) 273-7120. For those in other counties, check your local phone book or web browser.

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The advantages of life insurance include:

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Long-term care and disability insurance

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Long-term care and disability insurance products help protect your ability to earn an income, which can be affected if you are afflicted by a disability or other condition.

I can help you choose the long-term care and disability insurance products that provide advantages like:

  • Helping maintain your financial independence, lifestyle and long-term financial security plan in the event your income is impacted by disability
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Critical illness insurance

Suffering a critical illness is distressing for both you and your family. Help ease the burden through insurance that will reduce financial stresses and can complement disability and life insurance protection needs. By helping pay for the additional expenses often associated with a critical illness or condition, insurance offers you, your family, and if applicable, your business, added financial security—so you can focus on recovery.

The advantages of critical illness insurance can include:

  • Coverage for up to 22 critical illnesses or conditions
  • An initial lump-sum benefit you can use however you wish—from making mortgage payments to seeking medical treatment outside Canada
  • Home-care costs during illness and recovery periods
  • Even if you’re not disabled from working, you may receive payment
  • The ability to provide a return of premium benefit (optional)
  • Individuals who cannot obtain disability insurance in some cases still qualify for critical illness coverage (e.g. a non-income earning spouse)

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