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Money Matters UPDATE August 16, 2014 READ




"Humm, is the economy broken or just broke down for a while. Maybe if I just keep doing what I am doing, it will start running again"

Could this be Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve Chief stance on the economy?



Marc’s notes:

In their most recent statement on the economy, the Federal Reserve still believes the markets and the economy need the fix of low interest rates and monetary easing or money printing as it more commonly known as.

Fed Chief Janet Yellen in her most recent utterances on the state of the economy indicated they will continue to taper their Quantitative Easing (QE) programs but stopped short of giving a definite date to start raising interest rates.

Yellen believes we’re still not out of the woods yet and you have to wonder after trillions of dollars and 6 years or so of ultra-low interest rates, when will the Feds take their foot off the monetary gas pedal and start raising rates.


Money Matters Airs Tomorrow July 3, 2014

Money Matters airs tomorrow July 3, 2014.


Money News Update June 30, 2014

Marc’s notes:

Markets continue their assault on the 17000 Dow level making all us money people look good. But how many called it?  A few did, the rest just go along with the age old idiocy of “buy and hold” for the long term. You get lucky with that droning when markets go up but what about when markets go down?


War and Profits- NEW UPDATE JUNE 20, 2014

Real Estate is nowhere near where it was during the boom and may start down again soon.



Marc’s Notes: