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Money Matters update October 21, 2014


Marc’s Notes:
We are getting a nice response from our new SUPER DIVIDEND PAYERS LIST so congratulations to those picking up the list.

With the recent market fall, the prices of these dividend payers have most likely dropped and when prices drop on dividend paying stocks, the yield YOU get (money paid to you) goes UP!

And how nice is that. I believe these stocks are great long term holds for my family and most likely should never be sold. I just collect the checks and you should consider doing so too! What better way to wait for a stock to go up then to get PAID to wait!

I have included the original outline of the dividend list below with link so read it and get crackin’ on getting checks in your mail box!  (read below).


New Money Update today 10/20/2014 READ ! Money Matters


Marc’s notes:
So our call that the market rout would soon end may turn out to be a few days late as of 2 weeks ago but when we said on the show Thursday that the fall would end soon, we were may have been right on the money. This week MAY be normalizing back to what we are used to. Today certainly looks tame compared to the last 2 weeks.

What is interesting is a handful of stocks on our Super Dividend Payers List hit NEW HIGHS last week! See the very first fund I have listed under “funds”. This super payer yields an after tax return of close to 10 % or so (depending on what bracket you are in) yet hit a NEW HIGH while the rest of the market got slaughtered!

Then look at the power house first on the second page right above where I listed BA. This monster has almost double since I put it on the list, pays a whopping dividend and barely budged during the last selloff!

Despite a horrendous week some of the stocks on the Super Dividend Payers list just keep on going! And ALL of them pay you consistently. Why wait with stocks and funds that fall in market routs and don’t pay you a dime? My stocks on the Super Dividend Payers List pay and pay and pay and some are making NEW HIGHS while everyone else’s stocks fall.

What are you waiting for?

I don’t make much of anything by providing this list to you, just look at the price:  I give it away for peanuts.

Why I do it is to help my army of fans to survive and prosper while the world goes into the abyss! Many of you got this paying list of stocks last week when I updated it in a brand new way (and an easy way to find the best stocks on it).









Marc’s Note

"Fall can be the time for market falls"  (Money Matters newsletter last month) 

Our call that the market bloodletting would stop last week or so was a bit off but I think only the exact timing was. The continuing erosion in the indexes however causes us little concern. The general market has not had a 10 % correction in about 3 years or more, and one is long overdue. We always warn about this time of year to be cautious. 

Since our general position in the overall strategy of holdings is only a 20 or 25% allocation in stocks in the first place, the recent rout should cause you little discomfort. Seeing as most investors follow their advisors into the stock abyss however, a heavier dose of stocks in your portfolio means the pain is likely stinging your senses a bit. The general feeling I get when evaluating this sell off is that is likely coming to an end if not slowing a bit. We have to obviously stop falling to start rising again and this slowing of the descent has to first take place before the halt before the eventual rise again.

Without the Feds idiotic foray into the markets, both bond and stocks, I do believe the markets would have hit the few thousand mark in 08 and 09, and the world, although not coming to an end, the resulting social mayhem would have been very uncomfortable for all.

Seeing however that the Fed took the high road to easy profits (for the banking sectors in general) their new reality is to believe they can control the economy thru a series of pullies and levers which are their monetary policies.


New Super Dividend Payers List! New NO RISK CD with upside potential! UPDATE READ NOW ! October 11, 2014


Marc's Notes:

Ok, so my webmaster did a boo-boo and if you tried to order any of my portfolios or lists as a NEW customer you couldn’t so my apologies. (Existing customers had no issue). So that being said here is my blurb again about this great new dividend payers list!


New Super Dividend Payers List! Reorganized! See the newest additions! Update October 8, 2014


Marc's Notes:

I am so excited about the new update to the Super Dividend Payers List I just put on my website! This list has always had great dividend payers on it, many of which I own or have owned myself for years but this latest version has some great stocks I have found which you should consider right away. I have arranged the list so the first 60 stocks are in order of importance as I view them!

The first few are money generators and the Giants of the Midway as I call them.

Let talk about the FIRST stock on the list. (I made this super easy! Just get the list and look for the first one listed!).

This company owns over 95% of its market! It is valued at over one tenth of a TRILLION dollars! Talk about HUGE!

Its spews cash like an uncorked fire hydrant!